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Guidelines and tips for writing essay.

Here are some tips and guidelines these are not the general tips that experts provide but tips I have used all my life for writing essays and believe me I got fairly good marks in essays

Prepare a framework: Whenever you get any topic for essay just think for all the points you can include in your essay and prepare a rough frame work of essay .E.g. for essay on global warming framework can be like
• Meaning
• Causes
• Effects
• Conclusion

Think for the points within and then start writing. For me organizing is the most important key for a good essay.

Impressive ending and Beginning: Work extra hard on your beginning and ending. Remember “Well begun is half done”. I am not saying don’t pay attention to the body but we generally notice that most teachers read the introduction carefully and just have a rough look on the body. So make sure your teacher reads the best lines. Use best lines for introduction and Conclusion

Underline Something Special: If you have written any quote, proverb or nice thought make sure it is noticed. Underline it or just leave a line above it.

Dividing in paragraphs: Paragraphing has a huge importance that we generally neglect. In my school we were given point for each paragraph. It may not be in your school but don’t miss the chance. Start new points with new paragraph.

Keep it simple: For getting good marks it is not necessary you must have a good vocabulary .It provides a bonus but without it also you can manage as well. Write simple word which is easy to understand but support them with strong ideas. Even while you must be reading this you must have noticed I don’t have a very good vocabulary but I think simple words and strong ideas do the trick for me.

Use proverbs and Quotes. Although most of us are unable to remember proverbs, idioms and quotes but definitely they provide extra marks. To solve this problem learn proverbs on common topics .Like if you learn a proverb on good health, you can use it for an essay on healthy mind and body, Sports, Value of exercise, Games or Yoga. Just run your brains to think where you can apply what you remember .The next tip I am writing will be considered as cheating by some but you can give a try .If you think of any good line in an essay .Just put it in quotes and write “someone rightly said.”…….”” or just put name of common authors like James, Thomas. Nobody remembers and knows what everyone has said. Don’t worry I have not used this trick on the essays we have here, but this was especially for exams when we don’t have reference or any source to find a proverb or quote.

So hope these tips and guidelines help you in your exams as they have been helping me till now. Keep returning back for new essays.
If you like these tips or even if you don’t like them
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